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Meredith Marsh from the VidProMom YouTube channel and blog bridges the gap between blogging and YouTube with weekly episodes that help bloggers get serious about video marketing so they can expand their reach and make more money.

Discover what’s working right now with YouTube and blogging, including growth strategies, video tips for beginners, search engine optimization methods, content marketing experiments, and good old-fashioned advice from other YouTubers, Bloggers, and Influencers, each who has triggered growth in their online business by embracing video marketing on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Live Streaming. In upcoming episodes, here from YouTubers like Roberto Blake, Amy (Schmittauer) Landino, and Kelsey Brannen (Premiere Gal) plus bloggers like Kara Benz (Boho Berry), Jenny Ingram (Jenny On The Spot), Beth Anne Schwamberger (Brilliant Business Moms), and Jenny Melrose (Influencer Entrepreneurs Podcast).

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    Pitching Brands for Sponsored Brand Deals

    28: This is a red hot topic! Jenny Melrose is my expert friend with years of experience working with brands as a blogger... getting brand deals, publishing sponsored content, and getting paid. Jenny and I spill the beans on our experiences and how you can work with brands too. Find shownotes here: / Join Pitch Perfect Live (free) here:

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    The Search & Rescue Framework for Audience Growth on YouTube

    27: In today's episode, I want to share my fail-proof framework for growing an audience on YouTube. I call it the Search & Rescue Strategy and it's heavily based on attracting new viewers to your YouTube channel every time you hit publish. So we're going to do dive into that today. See Shownotes here: / Grab the Framework:

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    How To Get YouTube Subscribers From Your Blog w/ Jillian Leslie

    24: How would you like to grow your YouTube subscriber number directly from your blog? Jillian Leslie is my guest today as we discuss an easy way to get your blog readers and website traffic to hit that subscribe button from your site.

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    Why I Haven't Published a YouTube Video in OVER a Month

    23: Ever feel like you're in a content creation rut? Although I do sometimes feel burned out, that's not the only reason why I took a short break from the VidProMom YouTube channel. Listen to this episode to find out what kept me away from shooting & editing for YouTube!

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    Planning Video Content with Holly Gillen

    22: Holly Gillen from Holly G Studios has a background in video production and cinematography and she helps people master video content for their businesses and personal brands. In this episode, we talk about pre-planning video content before you hit that record button!

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    Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

    21: On today's episode we're talking about video editing software for for beginners... this is a topic I have written about about ton, and published videos about, and if video editing software is confusing or overwhelming to you, this is FOR YOU!

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