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Meredith Marsh from the VidProMom YouTube channel and blog bridges the gap between blogging and YouTube with weekly episodes that help bloggers get serious about video marketing so they can expand their reach and make more money.

Discover what’s working right now with YouTube and blogging, including growth strategies, video tips for beginners, search engine optimization methods, content marketing experiments, and good old-fashioned advice from other YouTubers, Bloggers, and Influencers, each who has triggered growth in their online business by embracing video marketing on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Live Streaming. In upcoming episodes, here from YouTubers like Roberto Blake, Amy (Schmittauer) Landino, and Kelsey Brannen (Premiere Gal) plus bloggers like Kara Benz (Boho Berry), Jenny Ingram (Jenny On The Spot), Beth Anne Schwamberger (Brilliant Business Moms), and Jenny Melrose (Influencer Entrepreneurs Podcast).

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    Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

    33: How does affiliate marketing work on YouTube? This episode discusses some legal stuff that you need to consider when it comes to affiliate marketing, where to put your affiliate links on YouTube, how to direct your viewers to actually click those links and make a purchase... and a whole lot more. Show notes: Search & Rescue Framework:

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    How to Be Comfortable on Camera – 6 of My Favorite Tips

    32: Being comfortable on camera is a key component of creating YouTube videos, social videos of any kind where you're on camera and speaking to the camera, and this even applies to Instagram Stories. In this episode, I'm breaking down my 6 favorite tips for being comfortable on camera. I had to overcome every single one of these when I started my channel! Show notes: Search & Rescue Framework:

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    How To Grow Your Channel Fast & Stay Consistent with The Every Day Dad

    31: The Every Day Dad YouTube channel caught my eye several months ago, probably because Gary talks a lot about cameras and camera related topics, and his content overlaps mine a little bit. I asked Gary to join me for a conversation specifically because I wanted to pick his brain about how he grew his channel so quickly over the course of about a year, and if he had any tips for video pursuit podcast listeners who struggle with staying consistent with content creation when you have a full time job and a family. Find shownotes here: / Grab The Search & Rescue Framework:

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    Instagram as a Video Platform with Tyler McCall

    30: Today I am chatting with Tyler McCall, who has become my go-to Instagram guru. Tyler is the creator of the Follower to Fan Society, and he focuses on helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses using Instagram. You might be wondering why are we talking about Instagram on the VIDEO Pursuit Podcast? Well... Instagram is becoming a video-focused platform. If you're a video content creator, start paying attention (I know I am!). / Grab The Search & Rescue Framework:

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    Pitching Brands for Sponsored Brand Deals

    28: This is a red hot topic! Jenny Melrose is my expert friend with years of experience working with brands as a blogger... getting brand deals, publishing sponsored content, and getting paid. Jenny and I spill the beans on our experiences and how you can work with brands too. Find shownotes here: / Join Pitch Perfect Live (free) here:

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    The Search & Rescue Framework for Audience Growth on YouTube

    27: In today's episode, I want to share my fail-proof framework for growing an audience on YouTube. I call it the Search & Rescue Strategy and it's heavily based on attracting new viewers to your YouTube channel every time you hit publish. So we're going to do dive into that today. See Shownotes here: / Grab the Framework:

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    How To Get YouTube Subscribers From Your Blog w/ Jillian Leslie

    24: How would you like to grow your YouTube subscriber number directly from your blog? Jillian Leslie is my guest today as we discuss an easy way to get your blog readers and website traffic to hit that subscribe button from your site.

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    Why I Haven't Published a YouTube Video in OVER a Month

    23: Ever feel like you're in a content creation rut? Although I do sometimes feel burned out, that's not the only reason why I took a short break from the VidProMom YouTube channel. Listen to this episode to find out what kept me away from shooting & editing for YouTube!

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    Planning Video Content with Holly Gillen

    22: Holly Gillen from Holly G Studios has a background in video production and cinematography and she helps people master video content for their businesses and personal brands. In this episode, we talk about pre-planning video content before you hit that record button!

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    Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

    21: On today's episode we're talking about video editing software for for beginners... this is a topic I have written about about ton, and published videos about, and if video editing software is confusing or overwhelming to you, this is FOR YOU!

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    Now is the Time to Get Serious about Pinterest & We're talking Tailwind, Tribes, and Smart Loop with Julie Evink

    20: If you haven't gotten serious about Pinterest yet, my co-host, Julie Evink and I will break down the details and set you on the right path with Tailwind, a Pinterest scheduling tool. Tailwind is not only a scheduler, but also the place to be for Tailwind Tribes and the new SmartLoop function. Julie breaks it down for us and gives me a sneak peek into what Tailwind SmartLoop is all about.

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    Top 5 Epic Takeaways from VidSummit 2018

    19: I just got back from VidSummit 2018 with Darrel Eves and Shonduras, and I have so many ACTIONABLE takeaways from this conference, I needed to share them with you! So, my VidSummit To-Do list has been turned into a podcast episode.

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    How To Create a Pro-Looking YouTube Channel (Even if you're just starting out)

    18: Is your YouTube channel a hot mess? The "blank slate" feeling is overwhelming if you're just starting out (or even if you've been at it for a while), but if you're curious about how to create a pro-looking YouTube channel, I have a few small tweaks you can make. In fact, starting from a blank slate is an advantage!

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    How I handle sponsored content on my blog and youtube channel

    17: Have you ever wondered how bloggers and YouTubers get products to review, for free? How do you become a PAID influencer, and how do you make that happen?? In this post, I'll give you the details on how I handle sponsored content and brand deals on my blog and YouTube channel.

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    Should you upload Facebook Livestreams to YouTube?

    16: In this episode, we're talking whether or not you should upload Facebook livestreams to YouTube... can you repurpose your Livestreams or Instagram Stories publish them on your YouTube channel? Ooooh this is a hot topic!!

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    More Revenue: YouTube Ads vs. Ad Network Ads?

    15: In this episode, we're talking about whether you should upload videos to YouTube and embed them in your blog posts, or upload your videos to your ad network, and embed THOSE in your blog post... Which is more valuable? This is my first ever Video Pursuit Podcast Official Experiment!

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    IGTV - is it the YouTube killer?

    14: Have you heard about IGTV? If you have, you might have also heard it called the "YouTube" killer... but is it, really? Does IGTV change the game for Instagram and vlogging overall? That's what I dive into in this episode.

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    YouTube Analytics – which metrics actually matter for YouTube channel growth?

    13: This episode is all about breaking down some of the mysteries behind YouTube analytics... As a blogger, we like to look at page views, right? We probably also care about Sessions, session duration, and bounce rate, right? But we don't have page views on YouTube, we have views and watch time and subscribers... so which metrics should we be looking at? Which metrics matter when we're trying to grow our channels and improve our videos?

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    Youtube Keyword Tools I Use for Views & Growth

    11: In this episode, I'm going to cover the YouTube keyword tools I use to do keyword and topic research for my YouTube videos, to help (hopefully) guarantee views on new videos and grow my channel.

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    3 Secret Weapons Bloggers Have on YouTube

    10: In this episode, I will show you how bloggers have 3 secret weapons when it comes to YouTube... 3 unique, special traits that, as a blogger, will help you grow on YouTube faster than just the average Joe looking to start a YouTube channel. These are your unfair advantages!!

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    3 Ways Bloggers can Make More Money on YouTube

    9: This episode is for bloggers who are a bit wishy-washy with creating youtube content, and it will hopefully entice you a little bit, so we're going to talk about 3 ways bloggers can make more money on YouTube in addition to blog content.

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    My first 1000 YouTube Subscribers... what I did wrong

    8: The first 1000 subscribers on YouTube milestone is a big one for new YouTubers because of their new monetization requirements. To piggyback on my YouTube video on the 7 things I think I did right to hit that milestone, in this episode, I talk about what I did wrong... or more specifically what I would do different, today.

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    Video Editing Software for Bloggers

    6: In this episode, Meredith gives you 5 options for video editing software for bloggers that are perfect for beginners and some advice on getting started with editing videos for the first time. 1. iMovie (Mac-only); 2. Adobe Premiere Elements (Mac and Windows); 3. Filmora (Mac and Windows); 4. Camtasia (Mac and Windows) or Screenflow (Mac only); 5. Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac and PC)

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    Evolution of my YouTube Gear - from Beginner to Now

    5: I'm breaking down the entire evolution of my YouTube gear from the time I started on YouTube to what I'm using now. I dish on what worked, what didn't work, when to upgrade and what to avoid... I am hoping to save you some time, money, and aggravation in this episode!

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    Recurring Passive Income Report (April 2018)

    4: In this episode, I'm breaking down my recurring passive income from my own business for the month of April 2018. All the details about advertising revenue and affiliate revenue as a "small" blogger/YouTuber!

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    How VidProMom and other Bloggers and YouTubers Make Money

    3: Awww yeah, let's have the money talk, shall we? Yes, VidProMom is a business! And dang it's a fun one. In this episode Meredith talks about multiple income streams for bloggers and YouTubers, how they work, and which ones VidProMom has tapped into.

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    Branding Advice for New YouTubers + That Time I Had to Rebrand Everything

    2: This is a short storytime episode about the time I had to rebrand EVERYTHING... did you know VidProMom was not VidProMom at first? In this episode, I share some perhaps unconventional branding advice for newbies plus the whole story about why I had to rebrand to VidProMom back in the early days of my YouTube channel and blog.

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